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Mermaid Spotlight: Sea Angel Jenn

Written By Kate Vontaine 21 Jan 2018
Mermaid Spotlight: Sea Angel Jenn

How did you get your start?

How I got my start, well, there were many starts for me. I guess it began with my first tail that my dad made me for Halloween one year(picture attached), and I wore whenever I could after until I grew out of it. I was six. I told everyone I was a real mermaid.

Then in high school, I had my dad make me another tail for Halloween, which was real hoot to see me walk on the school bus and the halls of high school in THAT one! However, later that spring I won First Place at The Monetery Wharf's first Mermaid Contest. I was stoked! First time I ever won first place and for $100 dollars! I began renting myself out doing kid's parties as a mermaid/ princess all around Carmel and Monterey, where I grew up. Life then happened and I didn't start up the mermaid thing until almost 10 years later. 
mermaid magic sea angel jen

I was looking to see if anyone made REAL mermaid tails to swim in. I was over the costumes that basically is a dress and not easy to walk in.
I came across the Mertailor, who at that time, was the only mermaid tail maker out there. (During this search, I also came across Hannah Mermaid, and was impressed that someone was doing this dream as a living! She is the First Mermaid to me and a huge inspiration to taking this to the next level!) 

I didn't want a fabric tail and the Mertailor at the time had latex tails (silicones were not out or common yet) So, in a picture I attached with a blue tail was my first Professional mermaid tail from Mertailor. Later on, it was given to CW'S Jane the Virgin with the lead actress having to wear it. I was really proud to be part of that production, training the actress Gina, who plays Jane, along with making her top and loaning out my first tail.Very bittersweet. And since the production had to cut  my mermaid tail, they for exchange bought me my 3rd tail, Finfolk Productions which is my pink one. (My 2nd tail was another Mertailor one and one of his first models of silicone. Shortly after I had received my first tail from him, he had just launched his silicone line. I called him to make an order.)

My newest tail (And 4th one) comes from a new company in Oregan called Syren Studios. Its my heaviest tail weighing at 45 lbs. Its also painted in homage to my very first tail that my dad made. I chose the same colors he had used which was a combo of light and dark greens and shades of pink and purple. Alot of people call it my beta fish tail.




What's your favorite thing to do on land?

My favorite thing to do on land is read, write, play with animals, work out, and eat and drink wine. I am quite a foodie. So its good I get alot of swimming in and working out. 

What is your favorite spot to dive and do your mermaid thing?

My favorite spot to dive and do my mermaid thing is back home up in Carmel and Big Sur. (My B&W picture attached was taken in Big Sur) Being a local, I know the BEST secret beaches and best spots for true mermaiding. Its like my charger base.

What's your favorite underwater animal?

My favorite underwater animal is....well the Sea Angel! haha yes that is my nickname/mername and my email (since High school) but there is actual Sea Angels and they are super cute. They glow! Next would be the Sea Dragons and then the most common, Dolphins!

What's your favorite thing about being a mermaid?

My favorite thing about being a mermaid, is feeling like my true self. It may have started out as on alter ego, but it really is channeling something I feel connected to in the water. Also the magic it can bring to others lives. I feel more comfortable in my silcone mer skin.  Being in the water, too, is replemishing for the soul. I have always been strongly drawn to the water and what (and who) lives there. 

Is conservation important to you?

So, yes, conservation is VERY important to me and really should be to all. When I am at a beach or near those drains that say "goes to ocean" I am always looking out and picking up trash. Even when I throw stuff away in my own home, i make a concisious choice on how I throw away my trash. I do my best to avoid using plastic bags. THe ocean is like a  secong home in my heart for me.

How can we (your mermaid friends) help the ocean, our home?

How we can all help is start doing the same. Be concisious on how you clean up, even go that extra mile and pick up trash that you know will come into harms way. Look for petitions to sign that benefit saving our oceans and our friends. Even if you don't live near any body of water, you signing your name on those petitions really does help!


What else do you do when not mermaiding?

The other things I have going on currently and very special to me is a mermaid children's book I wrote and currently looking to publish before I go the self-publishing route. I have a mermaid themed short story that got some attention and in the early works of being turned into a novel (possilbe trilogy) for New Adult Mystery/Romance. Also, in the early stages of something i developed through my Instragram #mondaymorningmermaidlessons that could be turning into something more....:)
You can find her IG @SeaAngelJenn


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